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Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just a reflection of him?

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by Visual Artist / Researcher  Khaled Hafiz  2014

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New-Egyptian-short-filmClockwise باتجاه عقارب الساعة
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CLOCKWISE Film By Sameh Al Tawil ( 30sec Trailer) on Vimeo

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CLOCKWISE (باتجاه عقارب الساعة) Short Film by Sameh Al Tawil / January 2014 The film will be screened for the first time in 5 February at 14:00 until 9 February…

Sameh Al Tawil's insight:

The Universe runs counter-clockwise as well God commands us to cycle counterclockwise (Tawaaf) ! Does this mean that walking clockwise is an obstinacy of the universe or disbelief in Allah ?
Does our destinies control us or we decide from where and to where to go?

" Clockwise " is a short film written , directed and produced by the Egyptian artist / Sameh Al Tawil 2014. In this film the artist poses philosophical questions in 6 minutes which is the duration of the film , using a cinematic language relies on Physical expressions and hard-cuts; away from direct dialogues … In his film; Sameh Al Tawil decided to exclude colors with all the implications of space and time to become a ( black and white ) Modern film; Black and White adds also more depth to the film and gives a realistic flavor to an abstract film .

“CLOCKWISE” film has more than 20 actors, Staring , Muhammad Shafiq and Alaa Shaban
Director of Photography : Sharif al-Husseini , Cameraman: Ahmed Fikri , Editor: Mohamed Eid , Music : Esmat Wageeh, And others .

The film will be screened for first time at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich , Germany
In the period from 5 February to 9 February 2014
For more information, please visit the following URL :

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CLOCKWISE باتجاه عقارب الساعة Film by Artist Sameh Al Tawil 2014- Google+

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Sameh Al Tawil's insight:

#CLOCKWISE #باتجاه_عقارب_الساعة #Short #Film 
by #SamehAlTawil 2014
#ADBK, #Munich, Akademiestr.2, #Germany 5.- 9. Feb. 2014

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CLOCKWISE - Artist Sameh Al Tawil official website

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CLOCKWISE باتجاه عقارب الساعة is a Short film by the Egyptian Artist Sameh Al Tawil 2014 Staring: Mohamed Shafik / Alaa Shaaban, Written & Directed by Sameh Al Tawil

Sameh Al Tawil's insight:

#CLOCKWISE #باتجاه_عقارب_الساعة #Short #Film 
by Sameh Al Tawil 2014
ADBK, Munich, Germany, Akademiestr. 2, 5.- 9. Feb. 2014

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CLOCKWISECLOCKWISE باتجاه عقارب الساعة
Short film by Sameh Al Tawil 2014
Short film by Sameh Al Tawil
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TV interview about Media Art in Egypt with the Egyptian Artist Sameh Al Tawil

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لقاء مع الفنان سامح الطويل في سياق مهرجان القاهرة الخامس للفيديو بمدرار “أهلاً بكم في حلقة جديدة من الفن عنوان النهاردة هناخدكم معانا لمهرجان القاهرة للفيديو…

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PLAN: KLASSE METZEL KUNST IN BRÜSSEL 27th February - 9th March 2013 

Posthumanism lecture - Artist Sameh Al Tawil official website

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lecture about posthumanism in contemporary art within the Media art program at the Modern science and arts university, MSA, Cairo

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